An interaction designer with a science background.

Find out more about my unusual path into design from mixing ingredients in a lab to creating layouts on a screen.

My journey to becoming a designer


Chemistry graduate. 

One of my favourite subjects at A-Level, studied it at degree level and learnt a lot. 6 hour labs every week for second year, up to 12 hours every week in my final year was certainly an unforgettable experience. Ultimately, I decided that this wasn’t a path I wanted to pursue.



I had the opportunity to work in a consulting role with a lot of variety in the tasks and also some travel to different parts of the country. At first, I was excited about the prospect of working on challenging projects and meeting new people from different backgrounds. But again…not for me.

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Consulting & Content Creation.

As a former consultant, I embarked on a variety of projects but often found myself craving a creative outlet. On the side, I began content creating for social media channels. This allowed me to express myself in a different way and tap into my passion for fitness, writing and photography. Eventually, my side project led me to pivot my career and pursue a role in….design.

One of the first mockups I created while working on a personal project


UX Design.

After realizing my passion was for product and UX design, I began working on personal projects and freelancing for a non-profit organisation based in America. I honed my design thinking, user research and prototyping skills, and gained valuable insights. It was a great period for my career growth and I’m grateful to be in this space!

What else I do apart from design.

I like cooking & baking, going to the gym and travelling.